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7 things you didn’t know about the HSUS & PETA
The group watching the HSUS Humane Watch
For Jan Flagg, with love
For Dan Truckle, with love
For Jude Fine, with love
Missing Shiloh Shepherd: “Rumble” “REWARD”

Who We Are
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The short life of Spartan, an Akita born in a puppy mill!
Designer Dogs or Mutts? Take this informative test!
You can save money adopting from shelters and save lives too!
SDHR Dogs for adoption in the Flathead Valley Animeals
Visit Montana Pets on the Net for more available dogs, cats, and shelters around Montana Flathead Events Calendar Dachshunds Dogs Life Rescue + Airedales Basset Rescue of Montana Flathead Valley Directory Dog Rescue Workers Web page has dogs all over the country needing homes. One may be in your area now just looking for you! Check it out.


A special article about Puppy Mills and Animal Shelters
So, you want to get a dog! 
Read thisfirst!
Are You readyfor a Dog? Outside Dog?
People that hoard animals
100 Ways to help a Rescue group!!
Wanting a puppy? See where the pet store puppies come from!
Why You Shouldn’t Buy That Puppy In The Window
“Top Ten Reasons You Should Consider a Rescue”
Considering adopting a senior dog?
Tips for Helping Animals!!
Can we help you keep your pet? Autumn sun A Tribute to a loved Senior!! “I am not a Miracle Worker. I am a Rescue Worker.” Obesity in Dogs, article and links to more information
Saint Nick A Rescuer’s connection with a loved Senior!! Learn about Puppy Mills Catch of the day! Hilarious!! Toy Munchkins, Fact or Fabrication?


A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas! SD Fire, half of a Sanctuary destroyed! My Name is Sam Think Breed Ban Legislation is a good idea? Find the Pit Bull How Could You?
An Essay on the life of a dog!!
The Sundown Dog! It’s Just A Dog! I Want to Quit! 
A Rescuers Lament!!
Welcome At Rainbow Bridge
If You Take Me Home

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Awards page

Behavior and Training

Dog Rescue Links

Flathead County Animal Shelter

Health and Nutrition Information

Sanctuaries, Cats and Other Animals
To see the permanent residents of The Senior Dog House, enter!
Pictures of parts of the Senior Dog House and Rescue
Tributes to my rescues that have crossed the Bridge 
2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998-99!!
Adopted rescue dogs Tributes

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